QuickStart Guide

What is a uLOOP?

The µLoop is a 2-channel stereo or 4-channel mono MIDI-controlled bypass looper with toggle-able JFET muting on the outputs and a built-in 1x1 USB MIDI interface.

1. Connecting Power

Power the μLoop with a type-C USB cable, or a 2.1mm centre negative 9V DC power supply.

The μLoop requires 600mA to function correctly.

2. Connecting MIDI to Switch the Loops

You can take your µLoop straight out of the box, plug in a MIDI controller, and sendCC’s to switch the loops.

CC Numbers 0 to 3 control the 4 loops in Mono mode, and 0 & 2 control the loops inStereo mode. When you take it out of the box, the uLoop will be in Stereo mode.

See the MIDI Implementation on page 20 of the User Manual for full details. For Audio diagrams, see page 16 onwards.

3. USB MIDI Interface

Any MIDI sent to the MIDI In TRS port on the μLoop can be passed through to the USB MIDI port on the device. Likewise with USB MIDI being passed to the MIDI out TRS port.

Even without using the audio loop function, the μLoop can be used as a USB MIDI interface.


To go mono (4 channels) you’ll need to use Y-split TRS to dual TS cables. They can be purchased from lots of online music/guitar retailers.

Cable/Adapter Suggestions


• https://piratemidi.com/en-au/products/3-5mm-to-din5-adapter
• https://piratemidi.com/en-au/products/right-angle-3-5mm-to-din5-adapter-1pc
• https://piratemidi.com/en-au/products/widi-jack-by-cme?variant=39439507423284


• https://piratemidi.com/en-au/products/3-5mm-to-6-35mm-trs-adapter


• https://www.rockboard.de/en/cables-and-connections/flat-trs-to-midi-cables-1• https://www.rockboard.de/en/cables-and-connections/rockboard-flat-patch-y-splitter-cable-20-cm-7-78-black-rbo-cab-f-y-20-bk
• https://www.rockboard.de/en/cables-and-connections/rockboard-flat-patch-y-splitter-cable-50-cm-19-1116-black-rbo-cab-f-y-50-bk
• https://www.rockboard.de/en/cables-and-connections/rockboard-flat-patch-y-splitter-cable-30-cm-11-1316-black-rbo-cab-f-y-30-bk
• https://www.tourgeardesigns.com/collections/flat-y-splitter-cables
• https://ebssweden.com/content2/accessories/patch-cables-connectors/

Firmware Updates

Please check your firmware is up to date. You can find out how to do that here.