QuickStart Guide

What is a CLiCK?

The CLiCK is a 1 in/1 out USB MIDI Interface & relay switcher for adding MIDI Control to amp channels, control ports, and other auxiliary controls on any kind of music or effects device.

The TRS 1⁄4” jack has a relay for the Tip and a relay for the Ring, which means with a Split-Y cable, you can control 2 devices that use TS cables for external switch control.

Some common favourites for the Click include:

  • Guitar amplifiers
  • Strymon Fave switch substitute
  • Delay pedals with tap tempo switch inputs
  • Pedals with external switch support (e.g. JHS Red Remote)
  • Pedal with aux switch inputs

The Click doesn’t necessarily need to be connected to a MIDI controller.
It can also be controlled by a simple 3-way aux switch via the MIDI in 3.5mm TRS jack.

Control messages can also be sent via the USB MIDI interface, so a computer can remotely switch the relays via USB.

Power the Click with USB or standard 2.1mm centre negative DC jack

1. Power

Power the CLiCK with a type-C USB cable, or a 2.1mm centre negative 9V DC power supply.

The CLiCK requires 150mA to function correctly.

2. Connecting MIDI

You can take your CLiCK straight out of the box, plug in a MIDI controller, and send CC’s to switch the relays.

Send CC 0 to control the Tip relay, CC 1 to control the Ring relay, and CC 2 to control the Tip and Ring simultaneously.

See the MIDI Implementation on page 15 for full details.

3. USB MIDI Interface

Any MIDI sent to the MIDI In TRS port on the CLiCK will be passed through to the USB MIDI port on the device. Likewise with USB MIDI being passed to the MIDI out TRS port.

Even without using the relay function, you can use this is a super compact 1x1 USB MIDI interface.


Check whether the device you’re trying to control with relays is meant to be switched with a TS or TRS cable.

Using the wrong type may cause the switching on your target device to not work properly.

Firmware Updates

Check you have the latest firmware installed on your CLiCK. Our firmware updater app can help you out.