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Frequently asked questions

We get a lot of questions! Chances are you'll find these FAQs useful.

Frequently asked questions

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Why is it always preorders?

We build as many as we can, and they keep going out of stock before we ship them!
If you want a PIRATE MIDI device, we suggest preordering as soon as you can to avoid having to wait for the next batch after that - which can sometimes be 3-6 months extra wait time.

Why isn't my MIDI device listed in the "compatibility list"?

The Device Library isn't a compatibility list, so your MIDI device will work fine. The Device Library is a database of the default MIDI commands that manufacturers bake into their devices. Our database saves you time looking up commands in user manuals.

Why is my BRIDGE screen missing UI elements after a firmware update?

You just need to factory reset. Hold FS1 while powering up the device. Hold for about 7 seconds until the LEDs go white.
Then you can release the switch and it will reset your device to complete the final part of the firmware update.

Where's the best place to send ideas?

Our Discord server has a dedicated forum for suggesting, voting on, and discussing ideas for changes or features.

Where are you from? You sound funny.

That last bit isn't really a question, but we're based in Australia. That means our working hours are offset, and our shipping times are a little longer than you might be used to.

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