Firmware Updates

Update your PIRATE  MIDI device to add features, fix bugs, and more.


Desktop Configuration App

Sandbox is the PIRATE  MIDI desktop editor for configuring your hardware devices. Currently in final development. Open Beta test available very soon!

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Most people have a complicated relationship with MIDI. It's great when it works, but can be really overwhelming (we know - we've been there!).
We set out to solve that problem. As much as possible, we're removing the "numbers" side of MIDI control. We want to help you think less, and create more.


Updated: 22/12/2021

Open Beta

v1.2.0 BRIDGE6 & BRIDGE4 Firmware

Firmware v1.2.0 is a major Device Link update along with other new features, bug fixes, and some changes.

Details & Instructions

Open Beta firmware builds are available to update through our cross-platform firmware updater app. If you are not able to use the updater, a manual update can be performed. Please contact us for instructions.

Firmware v1.2.0_beta1 Release Notes

New Features:
- Copy and Paste for footswitch configurations
- Copy and Paste for bank configurations
- A bank can be assigned as the template bank for quick configuration
-Switch groups for assigning multi-switch related behaviour

Updated: 25/7/2022

Update your Firmware

get the latest BRIDGE6 & BRIDGE4 Firmware

v1.1.3 fixes bugs including web editor problems.


Updating your Firmware

With our firmware update app, most of the work is done automatically, but there are a few physical steps to take to ensure a successful update.

Please follow these instructions carefully. If you are unsure about any of the instructions, please contact us before attempting a firmware update.

First, you will need to connect the Flexiports of your BRIDGE controller to each other with a TS or TRS cable.

Then you need to connect your device to a computer with as direct a connection as possible. Please use a fit-for purpose cable with no adapters or hubs. Also please unplug as many other USB peripherals as you can before attempting to update. Other devices may interfere with the process of putting the BRIDGE into DFU (firmware update) mode.

Lastly, you need to select the firmware version you want to install, and follow all the on-screen instructions. If you are updating from v1.0.3, please do a factory reset after the update by holding footswitch 1 while powering up the device. There is no way to transfer config data from v1.0.3 to the current version.

The updater app currently is not "signed" which means - particularly on MacOS - you may need to manually allow it to run. On MacOS go to "System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Allow" after trying to run the application for the first time. After doing this the first time, the app will be allowed to run in the future. We expect another update to be released soon which will address this.

If you find any issues or bugs in the firmware updater app, please tell us in our specific support forum for this app in our Discord server.



  • Carry-over switch actions no longer trigger on bank navigation events

Bugs fixed:

  • Inverse expression sweeps returned incorrectly by the editor app (API)
  • Tap Tempo invalid name assignment fixed from zero-indexed numbering
  • Sequential step message offset fixed when applying from the editor

Changelog & History on Discord

Updated: 1/11/2022

Previous Releases


In case they're needed, you can find previous firmware releases in the firmware updater app.

Details & Instructions

How to get old firmware:
Our firmware updater app can access all available releases of firmware, including beta versions. If you need to roll back your firmware, simply open up the firmware updater app, and select an older version of firmware instead of the latest version.

Please note that some of the very earliest versions are not compatible with the web editor, or with many of the features now available. They are also not able to load configs from later firmware versions.

If you are having a specific issue with your device, feel free to contact support through our Discord server before you downgrade your firmware.

Updated: 1/11/2022

User Manuals

BRIDGE6, BRIDGE4, Exp-doubler

Use our online manuals to learn more the ins and outs of your devices.

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Updated: 22/12/2021