How to Save Toggle States Between Banks on BRIDGE controllers

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Why make your switches remember their states after a bank change?

BRIDGE controllers are super flexible. They're used by all sorts of musicians all over the world for just about every kind of MIDI control you can think of - Guitar, Synth, DAW - but different situations call for different options.

By default, when you change banks on a BRIDGE6 or BRIDGE4 the switches that are in some type of "Toggle" mode will all revert to their "off" state when you return to that bank. However, for some situations, you might want those switches to remember exactly what state they were last in. That's where the "Preserve Switch States" option comes in. There's also another setting I'll tell you about which you'll definitely want to know about!

It's really easy to get to and takes about 30 seconds to turn it on.

How to preserve switch states between bank changes on the BRIDGE6 and BRIDGE4

In the onboard menu, go to:

Menu > Global > Interface > General UI

Then under the "Preserve FS States" set it to "On"

In the Wed Editor, go to "Global Settings" and change the option as pictured in the screenshot below

The complimentary setting you'll definitely want to know about

Right next to this option, you'll see "Transmit States." This option will make it so that when entering a bank, all the footswitches will not only remember how you left them (using "preserve states") but will also immediately send all the messages associated with their current states.

So if you're entering the bank and two switches are already toggled on, and the rest are toggled off, then the "Transmit States" option will cause those two switches to transmit their Toggle On messages, and the other switches will transmit their Toggle Off messages as if each switch had just been put into that state by your foot when you entered that bank.

Combining this feature with Smart Messages that control toggle states can be a really powerful way to automate MIDI control just by changing banks. And of course, there's also the Bank Message stack which is sent every time you enter that bank!

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