How to Disable Program Change (PC) Messages on Bank Change

PC messages being sent when you don't want them? Try this.

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Why does my BRIDGE6 or BRIDGE4 send PC messages when I change banks?

BRIDGE controllers have a few default features which make it easy to get up and running without spending lots of time setting it up. This includes a Program Change (PC) MIDI messages being send by the BRIDGE according to which bank you're changing to. If you change to bank 32, then PC #32 will be sent automatically.

This is a great time-saver for MIDI-controlled devices which change their presets based on PC messages, but some setups will be mroe complex and you might want to disable the automatic PC sending. It takes about 1 minutes and is really easy.

How to Disable Automatic Program Change (PC) Messages from a BRIDGE6 or BRIDGE4

To change this setting using the onboard menu, go to:

Menu > Global > MIDI > Banking PC Outputs

In this menu, you can select which MIDI channel (1-16) each MIDI output will send the PC messages on, or you can set it to "Off" instead. To completely stop the PC messages, change all four MIDI outputs to "Off" and then press "save"

In the Web Editor, go to "Global Settings" and then in the "MIDI Settings" section, change the Bank PC MIDI Outputs as you wish. Screenshot included below.

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