How to Factory Reset your BRIDGE6 or BRIDGE4

Reset your controller for a clean slate or if required by an update.

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Why Factory Reset your BRIDGE?

Factory Resetting wipes all your changes, including messages, UI, global settings, Flexiport modes, USB device name, etc. It is replaced with the Factory Default settings and all messages and banks are replaced with a stock set of messages and labels.

Resetting is sometimes required for firmware updates, and sometimes required for bug testing. Before you factory reset, always back up your config file to your computer using the Web Editor.

How to Factory Reset your BRIDGE

There are two ways to reset your BRIDGE controller. To reset using the onboard menus, go to

Menu > System > Reset > Factory Reset > Confirm

However, in some cases, your onboard menu might not be accessible (after a major firmware update, for example).

To reset, unplug your BRIDGE from power, press and hold footswitch 1.

While still holding FS1, power on the device, and hold the switch until the LEDs turn white, then release the footswitch.

Your BRIDGE will restart twice and then the factory reset will be complete.

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