How to Disable Two-Switch Bank Change on BRIDGE Controllers

Find yourself accidentally changing banks? Change it!

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Why Change the Bank-change Switch on a BRIDGE6 or BRIDGE4?

We've had heaps of requests for this features, so we've added it into v1.2.2 of BridgeOS.

Some people have big feet, others like big shoes, and still others just want the certainty that they're not going to accidentally change banks in the middle of a show!

So, now you can change the two-switch bank trigger to any valid combination of two switches OR even just a single switch.

How to Change the Bank-change Switch on a BRIDGE6 or BRIDGE4 MIDI Controller

In the onboard Menu, go to:

Menu > Global > Interface > General UI

Scroll across to the second page and change the "Bank Up Trigger" or "Bank Down Trigger" to whatever combination or single switch you prefer.

In the Web Editor, go to "Global Settings" and Select from the dropdown list of Bank Triggers as shown below.

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