Which MIDI TRS Type does PIRATE MIDI Use?

The short answer is Type A

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What's the deal with TRS MIDI?

For such a simple thing, TRS MIDI has become unfortunately confusing. The problem arises from the fact that manufacturers started using TRS connectors for MIDI before the MIDI Organisation (Who specific how to implement MIDI universally) had actually made any specification for TRS MIDI.

So, there are now 4 different ways that manufacturers wire their devices and their TRS MIDI connectors. They are commonly called

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Tip Active (Ring Floating)
  • Ring Active (Tip Floating)

Eventually the MIDI Organisation did call for a standard, and it is "Type A" but unfortunately it was a bit late and we now have manufacturers who are established using their own way.

PIRATE MIDI, being a new brand, use the MIDI Specification for all dedicated MIDI In and MIDI Out ports. If they are TRS, then they are Type A.

What MIDI TRS Type do PIRATE MIDI Flexiports Use?

Knowing full-well what a confusion these 4 TRS types can be, we designed our Flexiports' MIDI Out mode to have 4 options for each of the different TRS MIDI types. So, when you set your Flexiport to MIDI Out, you also need to choose the TRS type appropriate for your gear.

Helpful Resources

Easy ones:

Chase Bliss Audio - Ring Active
Alexander Pedals - Tip Active
Meris - Tip Active
Empress. - Tip Active
Jackson Audio - Type A
Cooper FX - Type A
BOSS - Type A
Novation - Type B
Arturia - Type B

Here are some great links for looking up the TRS MIDI Type of your device if you can't find it with a quick web search:



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