How to use CME WIDI Jack with BRIDGE controllers

Make your BRIDGE controller wireless with Bluetooth MIDI!

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CME Pro have been creating Bluetooth MIDI dongles for years now. They have developed a super-stable firmware with really good range and latency. MIDI itself is a really "light" protocol, so it lends itself well to the limited bandwidth of Bluetooth. WIDI Jacks are a perfect pairing with a BRIDGE6 or BRIDGE4. The WIDI Jack parasitically powers itself from the MIDI Jacks on the BRIDGE, so there's no need to power it with a separate cable. Now you can have your MIDI controller completely separate from the devices you're controlling. Minimalists rejoice!


WIDI Jacks, part of the larger family of WIDI device that CME make, can connect directly to other WIDI devices, or to PCs, phones, or tablets. With two WIDI devices you can create a "wireless MIDI cable" to separate your controller from your gear, or you can connect your WIDI to your PC, phone, or tablet to control apps, DAWs, sheet music etc.


If you're using a WIDI Jack with a BRIDGE4, you can use the 3.5mm TRS cable pack and connect directly to the MIDI in and out 3.5mm TRS jacks on the BRIDGE4. No settings need to be changed. Any messages that are sent out of the BRIDGE4's dedicated MIDI out jack will be transmitted over bluetooth to whatever you have your WIDI Jack connected to (another WIDI, or a PC, phone, or tablet).


If you're using a WIDI Jack with a BRIDGE6, and are connecting to the dedicated MIDI in and MIDI out jacks, you will be using two different cables from CME. A DIN5 for the MIDI out, and a 6.35mm TRS for the MIDI in. Unfortunately the DIN5 cable that comes from CME is not type A, but Type B. The WIDI Jack has a Type A/B toggle switch on it, but when using these two different cables, there is a mismatch of type A and B being used at the same time (DIN5 - B, and 6.35mm - A). This isn't an issue if you only need MIDI to be sent from the BRIDGE. But if you want to use MIDI into the BRIDGE6 as well, you will need to use a Flexiport as Type B MIDI out instead of the dedicated MIDI out.

The alternative to this is to get custom 2.5mm TRS to DIN5 type A cable made (or DIY). We haven't found a supplier for these yet.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We'd love to help you. For user manuals and tech help for the WIDI Jack, you can utilise the support resources on CME's website.

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